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May 24, 2016


PopPack LED delivers increased lux levels and energy savings of up to 50% for Sutherland Hardware store

The Lindsay & Co hardware store situated in Golspie, Sutherland in Scotland was established in 1840 and has traded continuously ever since. As a traditional but forward thinking local store, it is continually exploring ways to improve operational efficiency.

As a result, David Baddon, a Partner in Lindsay & Co, decided to look for a solution to address the increasing costs and difficulties in obtaining 8ft lamps for the stores lighting. The store was equipped with a mixture of 8ft and 5ft twin SwitchStart fluorescent battens, mounted in continuous rows. The inefficient lighting scheme was creating a yellow dim light in-store due to low lux levels and ageing technology. Energy bills were also increasing. David comments, “I can remember when these lights were first installed throughout the shop area, more than 30 years ago, so they were more than due an upgrade. We have been considering changing the lights for two years now and I am glad that the decision had not been taken earlier, as we would have missed out on all the benefits of LED technology and opted for T5.”

Alasdair MacDonald,Thorn Key Account Manager, details, “whilst David was keen to save energy he also expressed a desire to increase the existing lux levels. The lux readings were between 800-100 lux. This is the result of ageing lamps and deteriorating luminaire performance. Following discussions on this, we agreed to a target of 1100-1200 lux for any new proposal.”

Thorn were the preferred supplier, with the potential of increasing light levels, whilst reducing electrical load by 40-50%. Also the reassurance of a 5 year warranty and 4000K colour temperature were influence factors. The chosen product for the new scheme was the PopPack LED, which offers all the lifetime benefits of LED with substantial energy savings when compared to traditional fluorescents. A new lighting configuration was designed with the goals of delivering raised lighting levels and energy savings. Alasdair adds, “to achieve all our targets we have increased the number of rows of products whilst mounting the PopPack LED fittings end to end.”

The installed scheme will deliver energy savings of 50% in the front shop, 45% in the main shop and 37% in the rear shop. The lux levels have also increased to 1130 lux, 1170 and 1210 in the three areas respectively.

David concludes, “Being delighted with the results achieved from the shop installation, we decided to install more PopPack LEDs in our offices, upstairs in the stores area and our workshop. The products are very well designed and pleasing to look at. I am looking forward to benefitting from the energy savings and the higher lux levels make everything look brighter and fresher in store, at first we were worried that it was going to be too bright for our customers because the difference was so noticeable, but all customer feedback has been positive, as this is how people expect a modern store to look.”

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