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Outdoor public lighting made easy

  • Outdoor public lighting made easy
Jan 13, 2015

Three levels of lighting controls from Thorn

Thorn has introduced three levels of lighting controls to make it even easier to determine the most appropriate outdoor public lighting control solution. The new levels – Single, Group or Total – are designed to help ensure the right light is delivered in the right place at the right time to create safe, comfortable and efficient environments.

The first and most basic level of control – Single – encompasses stand-alone controls, including motion detection, photocells and time switches for small public lighting assets. With all features either integral or attached to the luminaire, stand-alone solutions are a low investment, easy to install option. The second level of control – Group – encompasses local segment controls for a group of small and medium size public lighting assets via mains, control line, radio frequency or power line. Finally, the third and most advanced level of control – Total – encompasses remote central management systems for individual control and monitoring of medium and large size public lighting assets via power line or radio frequency. Interoperability allows connection to other assets, such as CCTV and air sensors.

Christophe Durand, Global Product Manager at Thorn says: "Lighting accounts for 19% of total world energy use. For a city, this figure rises sharply, accounting for 50% of electricity costs. Combined with rising energy costs, reducing budgets and the need to be resourceful in energy consumption, the need for lighting controls to be applied to all new and existing installations has never been so great. Delivering benefits including reduced energy consumption, longer lamp life, reduced maintenance and lower costs, outdoor lighting controls from Thorn are one of the easiest and most obvious ways to reduce energy consumption while respecting comfort and safety standards."

To find out more about Thorn's three levels of outdoor public lighting control please take a look at our Outdoor Lighting Controls brochure.

You can find more information on outdoor lighting controls from Thorn here.

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