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Introducing the new Beta

Apr 02, 2016

The new slimline LED panel with high efficacy and a 5 year warranty

Beta from Thorn is a recessed LED luminaire with high efficacy (94Llm/W) for high energy savings and provides 11 years of useful light, if on 12 hours per day (50 000 hours) and a 5 year warranty.

With seamless corners and a slim design Beta has a sleek appearance. The luminaire provides a light output of over 3 200 lumens and it is available with a colour temperature of 4000K providing an exact colour match to fluorescent and a colour rendering index (CRI) up to 80.

Application areas for Beta are general illumination as well as corridors and circulation areas. It offers an easy retrofit solution for luminaires with conventional light sources (4x18W T26) and is suitable for installation in T-grid ceilings. In addition, the slim profile makes it suitable for installation in small ceiling void and can be surface mounted or plasterboard recessed (using an additional accessory).

Click here for more information about Beta.

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