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In Focus: Road Lighting

  • Road Lighting
Sep 08, 2014

Trust us to save you more

We all need to get from here to there and more than ever we need to do so with ease, safely and using less energy. At night our journey becomes more difficult and it is road lighting that transforms our routes. It takes a lot of experience and expertise to provide appropriate lighting that enhances safety yet meets today's demanding energy reduction ambitions. Thorn have been involved in road lighting since the early innovations, we developed and applied many of the light sources and luminaires, consistently driving down energy use each time. You can be sure that today we continue to provide dependable performance and smart solutions in road lighting encompassing the latest changes in technology.

In our new road lighting application brochure you can find information on performance, efficiency, comfort as well as outdoor lighting controls. For each application area, for example Major Roads, Residential Roads, Car Parks or Bridges, you can read more about creating the right environment and taking control. We also present good practices and real life case studies and provide you with an overview of our products for each application area. All with a focus on making it easier for you to specify, install and maintain good quality, energy efficient lighting solutions.

Please follow this link to download the brochure as a pdf: Application in Focus: Road Lighting

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