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Fast and simple energy savings with Thorn LIMO

  • LIMO set
  • Thorn LIMO set
Aug 25, 2016

Thorn products stand out for being particularly simple, fast and uncomplicated to use.

Lighting can be modified and upgraded quickly while business carries on as usual – downtime causes problems not only in factories, but also in offices.

When it comes to saving energy in the office, lighting is a significant factor. Thorn has the perfect solution - the LIMO (Light-Modernisation) Set. The LIMO Set is an easy-to-install, efficient way of reducing operating costs, providing optimum lighting conditions and consuming up to 80% less energy. Thorn’s modernisation solution for office lighting is based on a combination of energy-efficient LED luminaires and smart lighting management, and is suitable for various applications from individual and open-plan offices through to conference halls and the surrounding meeting areas.

With the LIMO Set from Thorn, there is nothing to stop you converting to high-efficiency controllable LED office lighting as everything you need comes complete in a single pack – from lighting control components, communication gateway and presence detection, daylight control and dimming through to the luminaires themselves. The LIMO Set is currently available with the Omega and Chalice product lines in their standard and Pro variants from Thorn.

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