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Apr 23, 2013

EcoCALC updated with outdoor program and advanced editing mode

EcoCALC, our software that allows you to balance lighting quality, efficiency and cost through life, has undergone a major update. This extends the current indoor program to allow calculations for outdoor projects and also enhances the existing functionality by adding an advanced editing mode to the existing wizard mode. Additional outdoor specific project information may now be entered, for example vehicle costs, environmental conditions and scouting costs, as well as costs for replacement of ignitors and capacitors. Lighting information may be either illuminance or luminance depending upon the type of application. For road lighting the SLEEC calculation (Street Lighting Energy Efficiency Criterion) has been included to comply with the proposals within the draft EN13201-5: Energy Efficiency Requirements, and the lamp database has been extended to include a wide range of HID lamps and LEDs, plus typical control strategies StepDim (Bi power) and Stepless dimming.

New advanced editing mode with single screen display
The advanced editing mode is a new way of working within the program and is now available for both interior and exterior projects. It displays all the project information in a single screen, with information arranged around a central results window. Calculation results may be updated to show the effect of project changes at the press of a button. General project information is displayed in a separate window, and multiple project solutions, products and components are displayed within a tree structure. Data for each component is shown within a separate tabbed window. This mode of working also permits more complex scenes to be defined, allowing detailed dimming regimes to be specified graphically or via tabular entry.

Easy to digest information
The results provide a comprehensive array of information in both tabular and graphical formats, including return on investment, net present value, through life costs and environmental impacts. It also includes the course of illumination through life based on the defined maintenance schedule, which can be important to confirm the maintenance factor assumed in any lighting calculations. These may either be printed or alternatively copied and imported into reports or presentations.

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